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KC Young Boss (@Kcyoungboss) – “Hercules”

When most people think of Kansas City and it’s Hip-Hop scene they rarely get past the tip of the iceberg, quickly taking note of Tech N9ne and then moving on. But rapper KC Young Boss is out to prove that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the talent in Kansas City.

But before KC Young Boss became a boss and before he was a veteran of the KC streets, “Young Boss” tried his hand at an early age rapping in middle school at his talent show. While he wasn’t as good as he had hoped, that experience helped him develop a passion for writing raps and poetry at an early age.

“In middle school I entered a talent show and that was my first real experience as far as rapping,” KC Young Boss said laughing. “I was horrible, but I’ve gotten a lot better since then. I remember riding home on the bus that day and some girl told me I couldn’t rap. That’s what drove me to want to be better and start writing.”

After all his hard work over the years perfecting his craft, KC Young Boss has released his breakthrough effort called Kansas City which he hopes will bring fans into the world of Kansas City, which has been brutally documented as having one of the highest murder rates in America.

“The nightlife suffers from the violence and so that’s why it can be difficult for artists to blow up. The entertainment scene isn’t really there to shine the light on artists, unless you get up out of here, but I’m staying home,” KC Young Boss explained.

“From the name to the feel of this project, I actually tried to mirror it with how Nipsey is doing the Crenshaw project. I was up on Nipsey initially and really became a fan with his Crenshaw project. That’s where the idea came from and so I got the shirts and hats to go with it and people are picking up on it.”

“In Kansas City it ain’t too many artists that get the national spotlight other than Tech N9ne and I wanted to put out something that’s a little different, Shout out to Strange Music, but they have their own lane and I wanted to put something out there that showed a different light than what people normally think about Kansas City.”

Featuring a host of producers that Young Boss was able to find across the internet, KC Young Boss pieced this project together bit by bit.

“This project has a bunch of different producers. Unlike many today, I still enjoy the process of putting song together,” KC Young Boss said. “When I hear a beat, I like I write like 3-4 hooks for it and then I rehearse it and I make songs instead of just rapping. I could have finished the album in a month, but I did it in 6 months and finally got it to where I want it to be. I wanted to show artists that you can still rep KC and still get a buzz, you don’t have to leave.”

Continuing to push this Summmer, KC Young Boss will be hitting the road with performances opening up for Nelly and Juvenile. Other spot dates include a show at the Riot Room in KC and a special 4th of July performance.

“I just want people to know that this music is life to me man – I do this for real. Music saved my life after having lost my first born son and mother in a short period of time. Music got me through it all, I had my familiy, but music kept my sanity. I did a song called I Miss You for my son and I really cried while recording. Music was and is my therapy man. I don’t just put anything out, music saved my life man.”

Milwaukee’s Kaylee Crossfire (@Only1Kaylee) & Kia Rap Princess (@KiaRapPrincess) Hit Heavy With The “Right Now” Visual

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“Right Now”, I guarantee this single will be one to hit your radio rotation this Summer. Milwaukee’s own Kaylee Crossfire and Kia Rap Princess go for highlights with the new visual single. Let em know the Inner Circle sent you!

Lord Have Mercy – “F*ck You” | @LANDLORDPAYME

In the book of rapper , producer and former Flipmode Squad member Lord Have Mercy, you see words like explosive, timeless, & powerful just to name a few. His name alone cast a very long shadow in the world of hip hop.

Proving himself as a dominant force amongst names like Method Man, M.O.P, Redman, Busta Rhymes, he is proven.

The book will read of this new chapter starting with his new single “F*CK YOU” which holds a political edge.

In the wake of all the madness this country now faces, LHM’s “F*CK YOU” is dealing with the horrendous Caligula romp known as Donald Trump’s antics & Hillary Clinton ‘s hidden history. This is where the fuse is lit, leading to his explosive return.


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PineappleCITI – “Issues” | @PineappleCITI

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With a rep for top notch bars under its belt and a hub for legendary creatives with lengthy careers, New Jersey serves any MC following in its footsteps with big shoes to fill. Thankfully, with her new video “Issues”, the Newark phenomenon known as Pineapple CITI is proving to be up for the task.

Bouncing effortlessly between modern flows to make the trap bounce and the kind of classic cleverness that the lyric-lovers get hype over, CITI gives both sides the full package. With the prestigious Billboard Magazine showing love with a premiere and the world renowned Clinton Spark co-signing as well, it looks like her competition will be dealing with “Issues” for quite some time.


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Long Island Creative Abel Deon Gives Us The Etiquette Album

Abel Deon is making sure his name is etched on stone as one of the dopest out of his region. Etiquette is the brand new 9-track project that is brought to you by all original production and strong content. Listen in HERE!