12 Steps to Power Goal Setting Seminar

12 Steps to Power Goal Setting Seminar

Michael Coritsidis is a Self-Improvement/Career Coach/Motivational Speaker Consultant and former F.E.G.S Non-Profit professional, one of the largest and most diversified health and human services organization. He has designed and implemented effective job related methodologies that have benefited a multi-faceted group of individuals from GED to PhD prepared from Ex-Offenders, Veterans, Domestic Violence, recent Graduates/Alumni, Unemployed, Alcohol/Drug challenges and those seeking a career change or concerned about job security in an increasingly uncertain economic environment.

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Leaving his foot prints by enterprising and more, meet Hannibull




A well respected businessman, Brooklyn native Hannibull is at the reigns of a multi-dimensional empire, Face Lite Communications, which oversees successful brands Bull and Yaya, Quiet On The Set, Set Life Cali amongst others.  A serial entrepreneur as some would call, Hannibull uses his attributes to galvanize and foster beneficial relationships on the way to developing a meaningful portfolio. Taking after established contemporaries such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, Hannibul has recently announced plans to jump into the digitization trend as it pertains to the release of online content.  Stay tuned for more details on what this father, husband and philanthropist has in store.




Entrepreneurs: Jatali Bellanton empowers youthful minds about the possibilities in the financial industry

When times get rough, prioritizing must be done. With the economic challenges in making “ends meet” that are common amongst all, there is now a guide to help readers think forward as they plan properly for their success and financial stability.   Young professionals routinely sacrifice the “art over commerce” attitude towards a career and end up choosing one that will bring financial stability Veteran finance industry account manager Jatali Bellanton has authored Kids Who Bank, a  manual which empowers and educates youthful minds about the world of economics and advises on how to make proper decisions keeping your end goal in mind. Lauded for her work in assisting companies’ expansion and profit increase all the while lowering associated costs.   Jatali Bellanton is considered a finance guru, and seeks to share her experience and know how with you via her new novel.  Jatali is a philanthropist who has given in kind to countless schools and institutions and specializes in helping entities survive the global shift towards online business by implementing new software programs to replace outdated forms of communication. Let her re-tool your approach.
For info visit www.kidswhobank.com

Harold D. Span announces release of new novel: Living In The Shadows of Love and Happiness



Self- described as “an amalgamation of life experiences, travels, scholarship, outreach, cultural awareness, and devotion,”

A survivor of arguably one of the toughest generations in domestic history, Harold Span is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and motivator. The CEO / Founder of SASCO he is a world traveler, avid golf enthusiast, and collector of vintage literature. His new release is aimed at The end result is a feeling of wholeness, allowing the reader to finally enjoy love and happiness they deserve as he draws on personal experience to paint. Check out the cover and availability below:




Purchase Here: www.outskirtspress.com/livingintheshadowsofloveandhappiness

Catching Up With Mompreneur Lauren Brukner @brukner_lauren

Lauren Brukner is an occupational therapist, published author, and mother of 3 children under the age of 10. She is also a contributing writer for the Huffingon Post.

Brukner took some time away from her busy to schedule to talk with us about it all.

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