Harold D. Span announces release of new novel: Living In The Shadows of Love and Happiness



Self- described as “an amalgamation of life experiences, travels, scholarship, outreach, cultural awareness, and devotion,”

A survivor of arguably one of the toughest generations in domestic history, Harold Span is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and motivator. The CEO / Founder of SASCO he is a world traveler, avid golf enthusiast, and collector of vintage literature. His new release is aimed at The end result is a feeling of wholeness, allowing the reader to finally enjoy love and happiness they deserve as he draws on personal experience to paint. Check out the cover and availability below:




Purchase Here: www.outskirtspress.com/livingintheshadowsofloveandhappiness

Catching Up With Mompreneur Lauren Brukner @brukner_lauren

Lauren Brukner is an occupational therapist, published author, and mother of 3 children under the age of 10. She is also a contributing writer for the Huffingon Post.

Brukner took some time away from her busy to schedule to talk with us about it all.

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Fashion Gxd Magazine Presents “Up Next” With TaniaOnTheScene

With great zeal, Fashion Gxd Magazine presents the next edition of “Up Next” with emerging queen of media in Manhattan, Tania On The Scene.

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Inspiration by @TTill243 – You Deserve

This month we are especially highlighting and celebrating all of our fabulous entrepreneurs of color.

Today we want to take the time to shine the spotlight on motivational speaker, aspiring life coach/author, and supporter of Tania On The Scene, Mr. TTill. His poem “You Deserve” speaks life into us;

You deserve to start fresh, you deserve love, success, money, health and a great career. Life isn’t over because you had a few failed relationships. Life isn’t over because you lost a couple jobs. Life isn’t over because you mismanaged your money. Life doesn’t end because your parent(s)were never apart of your life. Life ends when you let these experiences become your whole story instead of being just apart of it. Challenge yourself daily to becoming a better version of yourself. Do whatever it takes to rebuild yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


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Filmmaker of ‘Fresh Dressed’ Talks Hip-Hop and Fashion

CNN Films: Fresh Dressed- Sacha Jenkins; Director Of Fresh Dressed

Sacha Jenkins, director of “Fresh Dressed” (photo courtesy of CNN Films)

The Museum of the Moving Image has partnered with the Hip-Hop Education Center to present the film series Made You Look: Documenting the Art, History, Power and Politics of Hip-Hop Culture at MOMI through Nov. 13. It will feature one screening per month. To kick off the series on Aug. 27, MOMI and CNN Films came together to present “Fresh Dressed” by Queens native Sacha Jenkins.

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