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From the desk of rapper Tragic Hero:

“When life brings you to your knees we turn to those we trust for love and support. Unfortunately, at times it’s the closest ones that cause the most pain.

This past year has been just that. I had to move out of my home and end a 10 year relationship. This led to me to moving from place to place without any certainty of the future. I had to accept the fact that sometimes the people you love the most, can be the ones that also hurt you the most. This experience has helped me realize that cutting off certain toxic relationships are an essential key to a peace of mind and personal growth.”


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Ruste Juxx feat. Daddie Notch, Milano Constantine & Fatty Jones – “Something Worth Dying For” | @BigBobPattison @rustejuxx357 @therealmilano76 @DaddieNotch

The new track “Something Worth Dying For” follows a familiar tradition in hip hop, the posse cut, a coordinated coalition of MC’s passing the mic and expressing their poetic artistry. The lyrical showcase of talent is given a platform over a dark, daunting melodic beat ardently produced by visionary producer BigBob.

Underground legend Ruste Juxx, initiates the track with an energizing direction that leads the song with his heavy hitting verses that capture his classic technique and trigger the following MC’s, setting the bar up high. Upcoming independent artist, Milano Constantine supplements the track with his blazing lyricism and technical brilliance, a refreshing artistry, much appreciated in the scene. Canadian MC, Fatty Jones follows up with a no nonsense approach with his lyrical charm and rhyme schemes.

To keep the diversity going, reggae sensation Daddie Notch closes out the song with his rapid fire rhymes and spirited linguistics. Each artist bringing a unique vibe, flow and cadence to the track modulated with a proper arrangement by BigBob to confirm his ingenuity in the hip hop music landscape.

Another single off BigBob’s forthcoming album The Blessings Vol.2 set to release 03/05/2018.

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New Music: Anand L – Feel Like (@anandlmusic)

San Francisco artist Anand L just released his hot new single, “Feel Like”. Anand brings a mix of old-school vocals to new school beats in a modern R&B setting. For more check out his EP Keep It Simple on Spotify.

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Youngstown, Ohio Artist Money Mack B (@Money_Mack_B) Gives Us A Pamphlet To Ride To With The Handsome Hustler Project!

Check out the dope tunes from Money Mack B he titles “The Handsome Hustler.” True music to get your hustle on to!


New Music: CD-Rám – WHY YOU MAD (@RameeYac)

CD-Rám asks “Why You Mad” in his new RG-Kordz-produced track. This single will appear on Rám’s upcoming original project, and is currently available on iTunes here: as well as Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and all other major platforms.