Get Ready to Say Goodbye to a Popular HBO Series

#TaniaOnTheScene - A popular HBO series will come to an end after just five seasons on the air. The fifth and final season of the drama “Boardwalk Empire” is scheduled to premiere in the Fall. It has won 17 Emmy awards since its initial debut. The mob crime drama is based on the corruption and powerful political  boss of the 1920s Prohibition Era. Boardwalk Empire was created by “The Sopranos” writer and executive producer, Terence Winter.

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"Against The Wall" BY @itsPanamaBaby #MusicMonday

#TaniaOnTheScene || Today’s #MusicMonday is by Panama.

Here him vent and speak his mind. Some artists are quick to follow a certain trend and fall short of their dream because they lack originality. Panama chose to bring his Panamanian pride to the masses and although it may not be the most popular thing to do, he’s happy doing it and moving on his own merit.
"When the machine believes they have me against the wall I find ways to prevail. Without further due, here is my latest record. Humble.”
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