"Stranger" by @Adrian_Roxstar #MusicMonday

 #TaniaOnTheScene - This song and video, “Stranger” (Originally by Jhené Aiko) covered/remixed by @AdrianRoxstar, has such a smooth sound. 

Check it out below:

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"Who’s Bad" by @Klair_Kia #MusicMonday

Today #TaniaOnTheScene features Cali native Klairkia.

Born in Oakland California, Klairkia developed a love for music and entertaining at a very young age. Klairkia’s natural prowess for articulation and imitation was so apparent that at age 3, her Sunday school teacher assigned Klairkia a solo speaking part during a religious celebratory performance. Wanting to nurture her daughter’s natural talent, Klairkia’s mother enrolled her as a student in the local community “Mousercise” program where she was awarded a solo dance number during her first recital because it was “a joy to have a student who actually listens” stated her instructor.

Klairkia is currently in the studio working on her solo project with producers Divine Young and Bam Bam The Influence. With her incredible voice backed by amazing tracks Klairkia challenges her talents with the objective to entertain her audience by differentiating herself from other artist by appealing to the masses. Through creating records from a variety of genres you can expect to hear everything from Klairkia; pop, r&b, dance and everything in between. Stay tuned for new music and upcoming performances from this future star in the making!

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"Lost In Lisbon" by @BaiyuMusic #MusicMonday

HUNTER cover art

Today’s song on #TaniaOnTheScene is “Lost In Lisbon” featuring @Hal_Linton. Baiyu definitely shines in each song of her 13 track album. 

Take a listen: http://music.baiyuonline.comSONG

Her entire album is available on http://music.baiyuonline.com/

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Smoothing out #MusicMonday with “Rodeo” by @RobbieNovaPK

#TaniaOnTheScene || #TaniaSuggests you check out my homie Robbie Nova's new song, Rodeo. This isn't his latest song, but I figure I start the week with something tasteful. (You may recognize his voice b/c he sings the hook to Maino's song “That Could Be Us”.)

It’s the #TeamNova movement… and we’re working hard!!!!

Trust me, you WILL keep seeing and hearing his name.