28 Ways You’re Wasting Hard-Earned Cash

#TaniaOnTheScene - Nearly everyone has holes in their budgets. And as with other kinds of leaks, you may have hardly noticed some of them. But those small drips can quickly add up to big bucks. The trick is to find the holes and plug them so you can keep more money in your pocket. That extra cash could be the ticket to finally being able to save, invest or break your cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck.

We’ve updated our popular list of money-wasters with even more tips and resources to help you cut unnecessary expenses from your budget. Consider these 28 common ways people waste money. If any of them sound familiar, start plugging your budget holes right away.

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"Do Right Do Good" by @MrAlerte

#TaniaOnTheScene || #TaniaSuggests you check out the book, “Do Right, Do Good” by Jean Alerte.

I had the pleasure of reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

My favorite quote is, “If you continue to move forward toward your vision, your vision will move forward toward you.”

This book is a constant reminder of how being genuinely nice to people, will benefit you in the long run.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or just simply looking to lead a righteous life, this book is definitely for you.

For an online copy, log on to: www.dorightdogood.com

Available in Soft Cover, Hard Cover, Kindle and Audio on iTunes.
It will be sold in stores on Wednesday July 27, 2012.

I’m very proud of you, Jean! Best of luck… and much success!

Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?


#TaniaSuggests it’s never too early to start planning for your future. TaniaOnTheScene.com wants to make sure you’re on the right path to living a relaxed life.

It’s up to you to make sure your retirement is secure - or that retiring is even an option.  There are NO do-overs. If you mess it up, the only things you’ll be able to look forward to in your golden years are money worries and penny pinching, not financial freedom and a comfortable lifestyle. (Do you know when you’re going to retire? It might not be as soon as you think.

Here are 5 Retirement Planning Mistakes You Might Already Be Making:

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