6 Dating Clichés

TaniaOnTheScene.com What do you think of what #TaniaSuggests? Are these clichés true?

No doubt about it, scientists do amazing things. But sometimes people in white coats emerge from the labs, proud and exhausted with conclusions that are so painfully obvious (Beautiful people have more romantic options! Confident people are more attractive!) that it makes us wonder why they even bothered. So why do they?

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@ImPrettyP @LDubHitz @NemesisCB NEW VIDEO for #MusicMonday

TaniaOnTheScene.com || #TaniaSuggests you check out the new video, FEEL GOOD, just released by Already Ent.

I’m sure you can relate to at least one part of the video.

Already Ent. and LDUB collaboration: Nemesis, Hitz and Pretty P drop official video of their smash hit “Feel Good” Directed by Ellis Flynn of “Vision Alternative”.

For bookings email: BookAlreadyNemesis@gmail.com
To Download the song for free: http://soundcloud.com/jeremitlam/feel-good

Watch it below:

#TaniaOnTheScene sooooo Rihanna has Chris Brown on the remix of “Birthday Cake” … what do you think? I think it sounds dope but is she playing with fire??? hmmmm