Kanye West Under Investigation for Allegedly Assaulting Teen Over Racist Remarks

#TaniaOnTheScene - Kanye West is under investigation for defending his wife against racial remarks. The incident happened yesterday when Kim K. was surrounded by paparazzi while trying to enter a medical building in Beverly Hills. A teenager tried to help her get past all the photographers and used some profane language toward the crowd. That’s when Kim told him that it was inappropriate.

Then the 18 year old began to berate Kim by calling her obscene names. After Kim called Kanye, he later found the teen in one of the offices and reportedly punched him. West is now a suspect in a battery investigation.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

#TaniaOnTheScene || If a kitten and a puppy can get along, why can’t we? Check out this cute video:

Mango loves Milkshake